The House of JAMAICA 

Service Costs


Fees for services provided by Orange Hill Traders:


Package 1:

Upload your Product

Product of Supplier – 10% sales transaction fee

  • Orange Hill Traders hosts Product online


Package 2:

We upload your Product

Product of the Supplier with advice, consultancy and guidance – 30% sales transaction fee plus 15,000 USD non refundable down payment

  • Orange Hill Traders hosts Product online plus
  • Advisory
  • Consultancy
  • Guidance


Package 3:

All in One Solution

Joint Venture Product – 50% sales transaction fee with a 50,000 USD non refundable down payment

  • Orange Hill Traders hosts Product online
  • Orange Hill Traders helps Producing
  • Orange Hill Traders provides the Branding
  • Orange Hill Traders does the Marketing
  • Orange Hill Traders takes care of the Supply Chain Management
  • Exclusive Sales
  • Product development and Customer care


Do you have anymore questions?

Orange Hill Traders is here to help providers like you reach other Companies across the Island of Jamaica and Europe as we continue to grow the markets we serve.

Whether you are an established Producer, a Start-up or a official Broker looking to expand his / her reach to gain national attention, Orange Hill Traders is here to help! We can support your growth by providing you with an affordable, easy-to-use sales channel.

We’re committed to helping local, small businesses and our fee structure reflects this:

10% of transactions on all service offered through our platform, no matter big or small we are growing together!

Transactions are processed through our website and routed straight to you for fulfillment with no hidden fees or costs – and your account is billed weekly to help you manage your cash flow appropriately.

Orange Hill Traders also provides control over your listings. You have access to a sales portal that allows you to do your own sales, create product packages, upload new products, monitor or track your sales data, and manage integrations that are best for your business (whether via an API, custom integration, or simply the Receipt and processing of orders as PDF).