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  • On the road, in the hub or after work. At Orange Hill Jamaica VIP®, we’re always here for you.
  • Plus, you will become part of our community, enjoying welcoming guests and regular social events at your Hub.
  • To a bright future together – We all are one! Jamaica loves to serve. We are VIP.
  • You decide the package and activities you would like to offer!
  • Easily combine work with hobbies, education and Sports.

Orange Hill Jamaica VIP® are users who want to make life easier for other people by letting them enjoy what they need, when they need it.

Orange Hill Jamaica VIP® offers you a new way for your old and new customers. Advertise your Location/Spot and Services to make money while enjoying and spending more time with others. The flexibility of our service gives you the freedom to define your own packages for the ultimate experiences. #werolljamaica


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